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Credit Card Rolls

Are the credit card rolls you are purchasing BPA free???

The EU commission has introduced a new regulation restricting the use of BPA in thermal paper receipts. From 2 January 2020, all end users must only handle BPA free thermal paper. Hopefully not too much for you to worry about but you will need to ensure that you are fully compliant by this date.

Why the new regulation? It is all to do with the coating on thermal paper which contains a chemical called Bisphenol A (BPA).
Concerns were raised by France to EU regulators that BPA exhibits oestrogen-mimicking, hormone-like properties which they claim, are harmful to workers, consumers and their unborn children. They consider there is a health risk by absorbing BPA through the skin when handling thermal receipts.
The EU Commission eventually concurred and created a new regulation to restrict the use of BPA in all thermal papers. Small amounts are still permitted but in the main, it will be BPA Free.

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