Pilot B2P Pens

Launched in 2006, the Pilot B2P (Bottle to Pen) pens have been a huge success – Pens made out of used plastic bottles
was a genius idea and helped to get us all thinking about the products we throw-away, as well as the products that we use.
A national awareness of plastic getting into our seas and oceans and the devastating effect that can have on nature has
fuelled our desire to be more responsible in our actions.

The latest addition to the Pilot Pens BeGreen range is an addition to the B2P offering – A refillable ballpoint pen made from 86%
recycled plastic, of which 2.5% has been removed from our seas and waterways, helping to raise awareness of this massive
environmental issue we face.

Pilot’s three ‘Rs’ – Recycle, Refill, Reduce – have therefore been joined by a fourth: Recuperate, that is, getting plastics off our
beaches and riversides before they actually get into the water. Becoming increasingly more environmentally friendly is an
ongoing pursuit for Pilot and one we very much support.